Management and Staff on Sustainable Business Course

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Course Overview

This instructor-led live training is designed to provide participants to gain mastery on management and staff on sustainable business . You will learn the fundamentals of management and staff on sustainable business and with greater emphasis on the functionality and application to your work or study.

Once you have decided you alone cannot bring your plan to fruition, you have to build a team around you.

Planning the staff you want and how you will recruit them. Once you have recruited them you need a plan of how to motivate them.


1    Recruitment
    1.1    Creating a job description
    1.2    Conditions of employment
    1.3    Detailing the person specification
    1.4    Recruiting
    1.5    Employment incentives
    1.6    Selecting the Right person for the job
        1.6.1    Application Forms and Curriculum Vitae
    1.7    The Job Interview
2    Managing your team
    2.1    Staff training
    2.2    Why train staff
    2.3    How much should staff be trained?
    2.4    Training Options
    2.5    Motivation
    2.5.1    Performance Appraisal
    2.6    Internal community focussed budgeting
    2.7    Innovation
        2.7.1    Creating a culture of innovation
        2.7.2    Encouraging creativity
        2.7.3    Encourage everyone to participate
        2.7.4    Provide recognition and rewards
        2.7.5    Keep an open mind and think laterally
        2.7.6    Innovation through serendipity
        2.7.7    Innovation through chance discovery
        2.7.8    Encouraging Employee Innovation.
        2.7.9    Recognise the efforts of employees
        2.7.10    Give a profit share or offer a bonus
        2.7.11    Low cost rewards
        2.7.12    Days off
        2.7.13    Trips away
        2.7.14    A fair evaluation process
        2.7.15    Building Innovation into your business practices
        2.7.16    Innovation and staff skills
        2.7.17    Innovation and your customers, clients and suppliers
        2.7.18    You could
        2.7.19    Implementing innovative ideas
        2.7.20    Project selection and management
        2.7.21    Monitor the level of success of internal innovation
    2.8    Vary the work
    2.9    Sick Leave
    2.10    Dismissal
    2.11    Retirement
3    Future thinking

Course Category: Business Strategy

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