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Course Overview

This instructor-led live training is designed to provide participants to gain mastery on software quality assurance. You will learn the fundamentals of software quality assurance and with greater emphasis on the functionality and application to your work or study.


A high-quality software application makes its users happy. They enjoy using it and it doesn't get in their ways. It yields the right results quickly, without requiring workarounds for bugs, does not crash or hogs the system, and allows the users to go on with the rest of their lives. Either the program is invisible to them and they don't think about using it, or it works so well that they enjoy using it and possibly comment about it to their friends. On the other hand, a software application of poor quality annoys, irritates and/or frustrates its users, or even causes them to lose a lot of time, money or worse. Either it is too slow and they lose patience waiting for it to perform its function. Or it crashes a lot or hogs the system. Or it could look ugly, or have a poorly designed user-interface. Or it has other bugs like those causing data loss. Whatever its faults are, it fails or partially fails to be a useful tool in the hand of the user. As software developers, it is our mission to make sure the software we produce is high-quality so it will perform its function properly without inflicting anguish or loss upon the user.


Proposed Methods to Achieve Quality

  • Reuse Existing Efforts
    • Against Code Reuse
    • How to find reusable code
  • Writing Functional Specifications
    • Opinions Against Functional Specifications
  • Code Design
    • Opposing views on how to design
  • Refactoring code and rewriting it
  • Writing Automated Tests
  • Having Testers
  • Hiring the Best Developers
  • Using a Version Control System
  • Using a Bug-tracking System
  • Pair-programming

Course Category: Programming

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