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Course Overview

This instructor-led live training is designed to provide participants to gain mastery on learn psp programming. You will learn the fundamentals of learn psp programming and with greater emphasis on the functionality and application to your work or study.


Welcome to the fascinating and often rewarding world of PlayStation Portable Programming. This set of Learning Modules will provide you with the basic knowledge necessary to apprehend, acquire, install, and configure a PlayStation Portable Programming Laboratory from which all sorts of useful and entertaining tools, utilities, programs, games, and other forms of interactive media can be produced by you. I hope that this learning experience is both enjoyable and enlightening for you. For new PSP programmers, try Python: It's a good place to start. However, the recommended language for PSP homebrew is C, since the firmware, homebrew, and most games use C as their native language, and it allows deeper memory management (which, given that you have only 32MB/64MB available, you really need to do it).


  • Introduction 

  • PSP hardware

  • Setting up a tool-chain 

    • MinPSPW 

    • CYGWIN 

    • Linux 

  • Programming for the PSP (C Language)

    • Creating Makefiles 

    • Creating the common Callback 

    • Your first PSP program 

    • Button Input 

    • Images 

    • Sound 

    • File Management 

  • Examples

    • Making a start menu

  • Programming for the PSP (Python Language)

  • Programming for the PSP (Lua Language)

Course Category: Game Development

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