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Mobile Forensics Overview

What is Mobile Forensics?

Mobile device forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to the recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions. The phrase mobile device usually refers to mobile phones; however, it can also relate to any digital device that has both internal memory and communication ability, including PDA devices, GPS devices, and tablet computers.

The use of mobile phones/devices in crime was widely recognized for some years, but the forensic study of mobile devices is a relatively new field, dating from the late 1990s and early 2000s. A proliferation of phones (particularly smartphones) and other digital devices on the consumer market caused a demand for forensic examination of the devices, which could not be met by existing computer forensics techniques.

Mobile devices can be used to save several types of personal information such as contacts, photos, calendars and notes, SMS and MMS messages. Smartphones may additionally contain video, email, web browsing information, location information, and social networking messages and contacts.


  • History
  • Professional applications
  • Types of evidence
    • Internal memory
    • External memory
    • Service provider logs
  • Forensic process
    • Seizure
    • Acquisition
    • Examination and analysis
  • Data acquisition types
    • Manual acquisition
    • Logical acquisition
      • File system acquisition
    • Physical acquisition
    • Brute force acquisition
  • Tools
    • Commercial forensic tools
    • Open-source
    • Physical tools
      • Forensic desoldering
        • Chip re-balling
      • JTAG
    • Command-line tools
      • System commands
      • AT commands
    • Non-forensic commercial tools
      • Flasher tools
  • Controversies
  • Anti-forensics

Course Category: Mobile Development

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