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Slidery Overview

What is Slidery?

Create presentation slides easily from written text documents

With Slidery, entire presentations are written as essays, using simple markup characters to indicate which elements are displayed in the presentation. Develop slide content naturally, instead of focusing on the mechanics of laying out page displays. Each full presentation is created within a single text file, and that text file can be used for both printed handouts and as the slide presentation source. Enable your audience to understand and process the information being presented, instead of furiously scribbling notes. Slidery can include images and even entire executable programs in a presentation. This allows you to create features which are difficult or impossible in other presentation systems. Slidery runs instantly, without installation, on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, as well as on many legacy platforms. The entire system is about 1/2 meg, so you can be sure your presentation will run easily, anywhere there is a computer. VIDEO:

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