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Course Overview

This instructor-led live training is designed to provide participants to gain mastery on discover infinibatch. You will learn the fundamentals of discover infinibatch and with greater emphasis on the functionality and application to your work or study.


Infinibatch is a library of checkpointable iterators for randomized data loading of massive data sets in deep neural network training.


  • Support for corpora much larger than fit into RAM
  • Hierarchical block+sentence-level randomization over the whole corpus, different randomization in each epoch
  • Only load the data that is needed
  • Very fast start-up time (does not need to read full corpus)
  • Only requires the most basic of data preparation (e.g. no indexing)
  • For multi-GPU, only load what the respective GPU needs
  • 100% accurate check-pointing, restore from checkpoint should not read all data up to the checkpoint
  • Support automatic bucketed batching with dynamic batch sizes
  • Pre-fetching thread
  • Composable, as to support for complex batching, e.g. negative samples from multiple documents


  1. Getting Started
  2. Documentation
  3. Tutorial
  4. Data Preparation
  5. Reading Items in Random Order With Infinibatch
  6. Reading Items of Different Lengths in Batches
  7. Reading Batches Into Numpy Arrays
  8. Where To Go From Here
  9. Testing

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