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Fake News Detection Online Overview

What is Fake News Detection Online?

Detection of fake news online is important in today's society as fresh news content is rapidly being produced as a result of the abundance of technology that is present. In the world of false news, there are seven main categories and within each category, the piece of fake news content can be visual- and/or linguistic-based. In order to detect fake news, both linguistic and non-linguistic cues can be analyzed using several methods. While many of these methods of detecting fake news are generally successful, they do have some limitations.

  • Background and implications of fake news detection
  • Types of fake news
    • The seven types
    • Types of data in fake news
  • 3Features in fake news detection
    • Linguistics cues
    • Non-linguistics cues
      • Visual
      • Network
      • Sentiment
      • Social context features
  • Methods of detection
    • Deep syntax analysis
    • Propagation paths
    • Predictive modeling-based methods
    • Fact-checking
      • Manual 
      • Automatic
    • Deception detection strategies[10]
    • Propagation-based fake news detection[10]
      • Cascade-based fake news detection
      • Network-based fake news detection
    • Credibility-based study of fake news[10]
      • Assessing news headline credibility
      • Assessing news source credibility
      • Assessing news comments credibility
      • Assessing news spreader credibility
    • Account analysis
    • Browser add-ons
  • Limitations of detecting fake news

Course Category: Machine Learning

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