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Cranium Overview

What is Cranium?

Cranium is a portable, header-only, feedforward artificial neural network library written in vanilla C99.

It supports fully-connected networks of arbitrary depth and structure, and should be reasonably fast as it uses a matrix-based approach to calculations. It is particularly suitable for low-resource machines or environments in which additional dependencies cannot be installed.

Cranium supports CBLAS integration. Simply uncomment line 7 in matrix.h to enable the BLAS sgemm function for fast matrix multiplication.


  • Activation functions

    • sigmoid

    • ReLU

    • tanh

    • softmax (classification)

    • linear (regression)

  • Loss functions

    • Cross-entropy loss (classification)

    • Mean squared error (regression)

  • Optimization algorithms

    • Batch Gradient Descent

    • Stochastic Gradient Descent

    • Mini-Batch Stochastic Gradient Descent

  • L2 Regularization

  • Learning rate annealing

  • Simple momentum

  • Fan-in weight initialization

  • CBLAS support for fast matrix multiplication

  • Serializable networks

Course Content

  • Introduction to features
  • Usage
  • Building and testing

Course Category: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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