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7 hours
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Course Overview

This instructor-led live training is designed to provide participants to gain mastery on creativity in business analysis. You will learn the fundamentals of creativity in business analysis and with greater emphasis on the functionality and application to your work or study.


The Business Analyst not only needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the business and stakeholder needs but ideally will be able to help come up with solutions to the business problems and needs. This is where creativity comes into play. Creativity helps to produce non-obvious solutions and decisions that are not expected through exploration of the unknown. Creativity through idea generation, knowledge sharing, and team collaboration can lead to ingenuity, resourcefulness, and original ideas, resulting in more efficient, smarter solutions.


1    Creativity and Its Role in Business Analysis
    1.1    Importance of Creativity
    1.2    Balancing Left Brain and Right Brain Thinking
2    Creativity Techniques
    2.1    Brainstorming and Brainwriting
    2.2    Checklists
    2.3    What-If Scenarios
    2.4    Reformulating the Problem
    2.5    Role Playing
    2.6    Provocation Techniques
    2.7    Mapping
    2.8    Reverse Engineering

Course Category: Business Strategy

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